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Mention Linuxmint or Ubuntu to most folk and they say that they know little or nothing about the subject apart from the fact that they think it is extremely complicated and they would be unable to work with it.

I can relate to that due to the fact those were my opinions until a few weeks ago.(when I wrote this a few years ago)

Whilst searching a forum on the internet for some information on a certain topic I happened to notice a site from Kentucky USA and went off to have a look.

I needed further information about one of the topics on that site so sent off an email.

That was the start of a relationship, which is ongoing, and from which I have learned much.

 More about that later but suffice to say for the present that the gentleman concerned uses Linux.

 And why should I consider using Linux-I hear you say.

 Well to start off with a few examples: It costs approx. £100 for windows software and you are in essence only leasing it from Microsoft as they retain control of it and insist on checking it every time you update. What does it contain that you do not have to expand by purchase of other software-Very little. They are constantly updating to new versions , all of which cost more money.

  Linux Mint or Ubuntu is FREE together with all the associated software, most of which can be obtained on links on the Home Page:-
Ubuntu or  Linuxmint

 If you have a slow internet connection you can order them on disk, locally for a few £'s.

If however you have a fast broadband you can download them yourself and install them via windows, if you wish, or install them on a second drive alongside your windows drive. (or just get rid of Windows.)

 Should you wish to separate the two and run them independently you should then visit my friend's ( Doug's ) site as mentioned above.

He has perfected a system whereby you can boot each drive  independently of the other via a switch mounted on the computer case.
Give it a try in the knowledge that your computer and the software it will contain is yours to do with as you wish. You will also benefit from a worldwide community of folk who work hard to perfect problems and are only too happy to help you . You have but to ask.


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